Funeral – Know your rights.

The Funeral Rule and The Consumer Guide What is ‘The Funeral Rule’? The Funeral Rule effects all funeral providers and is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. The Rule makes it possible for the consumer to choose only those goods and services they want or need and to pay only for those they select, whetherContinue reading “Funeral – Know your rights.”

How many death certificates do I really need?

The death certificate provides pertinent identifying information about a deceased individual including their certified time, place, and cause of death. Most often, the death certificate serves as proof for legal purposes. These purposes range from estate settlement after a death to if a widow wishes to remarry. It is the decedent’s assets that will determineContinue reading “How many death certificates do I really need?”

U.S. Flag Folding: “On Behalf of the United States of America …”

All photos courtesy of MCL Detachment #757 photographer Ron Silva, Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Bradbury Memorial Center staff is very grateful to have a handful of key members of the Lake Havasu Marine Corps League Detachment #757 teach us about the U.S. Flag in terms of folding it, handling it, respecting it, and presenting it.Continue reading “U.S. Flag Folding: “On Behalf of the United States of America …””