National Pet Week

The first full week of May is National Pet Week which gives us a chance to reflect on our furry family members. They wait for us to get home and make the day brighter. Pets love us unconditionally and bring comfort in even the most trying of times. Our pets feel what we feel and have their own range of emotions as well. Its important to remember pets can grieve when they lose someone that they are close to.

There are many different pets that we love and share our homes with such as rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and of course dogs. This week is a reminder to take care of our furry companions and make sure their needs are met. May 2- 8th is not only National Pet Week, but also Dog Anxiety Awareness Week. May 8th is National Dog Mom’s Day and May 9th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Cat enthusiasts will appreciate June 4th as Hug Your Cat Day and June 24th as Cat World Domination Day.

We also want to take time to inform you about ways to help your pets during the loss of their beloved owner. Pets benefit from spending as much time as possible with their loved one before they pass. Pets are very attuned to what is happening with our bodies and this will help them start the grief process. Pets benefit from having an item that belonged to their loved one with their scent on it after they pass. At Bradbury Memorial Center we include the pet family members when their human passes away and provide a pet grief gift.

There are also many resources out there to help us when we lose our furry family members. In our local area the WAHS (Wester Arizona Humane Society) holds a support group meeting. The meeting is the second Monday of every month at 2pm. The meeting is free but limited, so RSVP to Beth Pohl 928-854-4200 or Pastor Sandy Johnson 928-855-0323.



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