Jayne Hanson

Jayne Hanson is our resident writer. She assists our Bradbury Memorial Center families with writing obituaries for their loved ones. Along the way, she has helped us to develop marketing materials for our family folders, she has helped to create and edit content for our website, and she curates most of our Being Bradbury blog and Facebook content.

Jayne’s first experience with grief and loss was as a 7-year-old child when her older brother Kelly, 10, died of leukemia in 1983. The loss was profound for her and her family.

“It’s not a matter of getting over it,” Jayne said of her experiences with grief and loss, “I think it simply is a matter of waking up each day and trying to find some way to go on without them. It takes time, it’s messy, and it’s never easy.”

Two high schools, single-motherhood, and two colleges filled out the rest of her time living in South Dakota. It was much later, after a decade of living and working in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., when Jayne was first introduced to the death care industry. It was not the process of dying that was the draw, so to speak, but rather an overwhelming sense of feeling helpful and of doing something that not everyone else can or will.

The fog and confusion of loss is a place where Jayne has found purpose and meaning when it comes to helping others. In facing a death – that magnitude of finality that rocks normal routines from their tracks – her compassion provides consolation for the families and friends who have been impacted.

Through the years, it was the deaths of a few family pets, relatives, and even friends that followed that first, initial devastation of grief and loss. Today, in her office at Bradbury Memorial Center, she has three very specific and very special photographs.

One is of Kelly. Another is of her and her beloved Grandma Shirley, who passed away in 2014. The last is of a shared, precious pet, Buddy, who was a magnificent 110-pound Golden Retriever-mix who died suddenly one horrible day in 2018.

Jayne’s photographs of Kelly, Grandma Shirley, and Buddy serve as a constant reminder of what it is, exactly, that she is dealing with, with every family member who walks through the front doors at Bradbury Memorial Center.

Jayne has a longtime boyfriend with whom she shares two energetic dogs and one very lazy cat. He, too, is part of the Bradbury Memorial Center family. (The boyfriend, not the cat.)

Bradbury Memorial Center is at 3317 N. Highway 95, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We are here to help families facing end-of-life events. Contact us at 928-466-9111 or visit us at www.bradburymemorialcenter.com

Be sure to like us and follow us on Facebook, or find us at our blogsite for Being Bradbury www.bradburymemorialcenterbeingbradbury.wordpress.com to see what our next research adventures may be in anything and everything pertaining to funeral – globe’s the limit.

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