Weeping Buddha

Weeping Buddha statues depict Buddha in a bent over position, crying, and covering his face.

There is a legend of two masked warriors who fought each other in many battles. Neither defeating the other until one day when the older warrior killed the younger warrior.

When the older warrior removed the opponent’s mask, he was confronted with the face of his only son. Seeing this, the older warrior – who is none other than the Weeping Buddha – began to cry.

The torment and misery of having fought and killed his own son forced him to the ground where he cried tears of great anguish as he buried his face in his hands to hide from the truth of what he had done.

It was then he renounced violence and proclaimed the virtues of helping the young, the sick, the suffering, and the old.

It is believed that the Weeping Buddha is crying for the suffering of the World, he internalizes the grief and troubles of the World. In return, he bestows peace and provides strength and joy to those who rub his back.

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