Naomi Bradbury-Marchand

Naomi Bradbury-Marchand serves Lake Havasu City families during a very trying time in their lives. She most ardently carries this heavy task with a care and finesse like no other.

“We enter people’s lives at a time when they are feeling very vulnerable and I take it as a very serious responsibility,” Naomi Bradbury-Marchand said. “I want to make sure people feel safe during that time and begin to heal.”

Naomi began her work in the death care industry in late 1990’s while working and raising her family in the Midwest. In 20 years, she has had the privilege to help countless families through the death of a loved one, and the shadows of grief that follow, while employed at funeral homes in Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, and Arizona.

“This community needs another choice, and our focus is on customer service,” Naomi said.

The customer service measures she speaks of center on bringing a warmth, kindness, and compassion to her interactions with families. It also makes its way into the details of personalization that are incorporated into the funeral and memorial services that she oversees.

Bradbury Memorial Center has a display wall for a family’s memorial memorabilia and extra shelving displays to accommodate floral arrangements, photos, and treasured belongings. All hinges upon the comforting setting of our Remembrance Room. The seating is easily customizable for a more formal setting or it can be enjoyed in its casual and cozy setting. Nearby, is our quaint coffee bar.

Naomi’s attention to detail surpasses expectations during the most simple and elegant of services to the most elaborate service imaginable. Furthermore, her compassion is showcased well beyond funeral and memorial services with her homegrown aftercare and grief programs.

Bradbury Memorial Center hosts a child grief program as well as art grief classes. The art grief classes vary from journaling, crafting, painting, and essential oil mixology. Both grief resources offered at Bradbury Memorial Center were developed and forged over time, and solely built upon Naomi’s experiences of helping families throughout the years. They are organic in nature, so to speak, and we offer the classes with the utmost sincerity and intention of providing an outlet where healing can begin.

Bradbury Memorial Center family-owned by Naomi Bradbury-Marchand and her husband Charles Marchand. We also are proud of Charles’ service in the U.S. Navy. Both Naomi and Charles have owned a home in Lake Havasu City for more than a decade.

Bradbury Memorial Center is located at 3317 N. Highway 95, in Havasu. For more information, call 928-466-9111.

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