Urn Ark

Showing off our Urn Ark at Bradbury Memorial Center

Our new Urn Ark is a perfect fit for families ready to personalize an urn during a funeral or memorial service. The Urn Ark is a wood and glass display box designed with brass handles on each side. Those handles allow pallbearers to ceremoniously carry the urn either for placement into our hearse during a service, or to carry from the hearse to a graveside service.

Bradbury Memorial Center’s Urn Ark has an opulent cherry-finish. For a visual, it is about the size of a typical storage tote or storage bin. More specifically, the hinged-top glass case measures roughly 27 inches wide, 19 inches tall, and 18 inches deep. The urn is secured within the glass case. The case nests upon the base, which is 43 inches by 23 inches.

The 40-inch brass pallbearer bars are affixed lengthwise on either side of the Urn Ark base. The glass case allows for personalization alongside the urn, such as photos, flowers, jewelry, military or religious medals, trinkets, or other memorabilia that tells the story of a well-lived life.

We have put together some collections of our merchandise within our Urn Ark to demonstrate and inspire the personalization of which we speak. No cremated remains were used in our photo collections.

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